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Top 7 Mistakes During Weight Loss Journey

Mistakes during weight loss is a very common problem which we people keep doing because we want to see instant results. Not having proper knowledge about the food items can slow down your progress. As a result they don’t see any visible changes in their body and starts complaining about the diet plans and other things. In this article I am gonna talk about top 7 mistakes which we usually make knowingly or unknowingly.

Consuming very less calories

We live in a culture that is so obsessed with calorie counting that oftentimes we are depriving our body of the very nutrients that will actually help us not only to live healthier, but lose more weight. So in this case we must make sure that we are consuming enough calories otherwise if your calorie intake dips too low, your body could go into starvation mode. Your body will start to store fat because it thinks it is not going to get anything.

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Not drinking enough water

A lot of studies have shown the correlation between increased consumption of water and the fat-burning capacity of the body. When you do not drink enough water, your body is not able to correctly decipher the difference between hunger pangs and dehydration. Based on the studies, drinking 1-2 liters of water per day should be sufficient to help with weight loss. Here’s how much water you should drink, in different measurements: Liters: 1–2. Ounces: 34–67.

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Eating Too Fast

When you eat too fast, you swallow more air, which can cause bloating and gas. Slowing down to properly chew your food helps to break down larger particles of food into smaller ones, aiding digestion. When you eat fast, it’s much easier to eat a lot more food than your body really needs. Over time, excess calorie intake can lead to weight gain. So are you making these mistakes during weight loss journey?

Focusing on calories instead of portion sizes

Counting calories can be utterly exhausting and burnout is easy when you’re trying to keep track of every calorie during the day. Although total calories per day for your body is important to understand and recognize, Always emphasize the focus of mindful portions more than counting calories. This creates an awareness of calories, but it does not just focus on the caloric content of the foods. When focusing more on healthy portions, it teaches behavior change in the way we eat, what we eat, and how we eat. Learning what normal portions are in all foods is key to managing calories naturally without needing to count them specifically.

Skipping Meals

While skipping meals might seem like an easy way to eat less, it will most likely actually cause you to eat more later on. Skipping meals slows down the metabolism because your metabolism is like a fire, and as you know, if you don’t put wood on a fire, it will start to burn out. Same is true of your metabolism if you don’t fuel it with food every four or five hours or so, it will begin to slow down. So never ever make this mistake during weight loss.

Eating When You Are Not Hungry

Just because your dietician told you to eat at a specific time even after you are not hungry. Well then it may slow down to your weight loss. Keep this thing in your mind that nobody in this whole world knows your better than you. So don’t just blindly follow the diet plan, check yourself if you are are feeling hungry or you are just stuffing your stomach unnecessarily.

Mistreating Yourself to Fit in That 5 Year Old Jeans

This is one of the biggest mistakes during weight loss ever done by anybody. We become so obssessed with loosing weight that we forget to treat ourselves better. Only following a diet plan and doing exercise are not enough for a ideal body that you are aiming for. Just keep this thing in mind that from a heathy mind comes a healthy body. Start meditation or listen some soothing music. Go on a walk sometimes or dance like no one is watching. Try to surround yourself with the positive aura so that your body cooperates in your weight loss journey.

Weight loss is not a destination but a journey. We tend to keep doing mistakes when we want to see instant results. During this journey your aim should be a getting a healthy body not a body type. All the humans are made differently so never ever compare your journey with other people’s journey. Have faith in yourself and always be curious to know about whatever you are eating. Proper knowledge is the key of desired results. So Ask yourself are you also making these mistakes during weight loss journey?

Author: Pallavi Gupta

Hi! My name is Pallavi and I live in Jaipur. I started this blog in October 2020 with the aim of sharing the the recipes which are tasty and healthy as well. Also, I will be sharing the food reviews of different places I visit.

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